Hello all ! I am Marco Vieira, born in Madeira (small beautiful island in the middle of the Atlantic with great wine & yummy food). I’m a person with big dreams, and always fight for them with a smile on my face.

I have computer science and music background but nowadays I’m working as a producer in the video game industry. I find my background quite useful and important for any kind of production role in this industry. It helps me defining goals for each sprint and making decisions. I love meeting new people from everywhere, knowing people with different cultures always makes me see things with different lens, thus I’m a fan of team work.

Moreover, I acquired a ton of new knowledge during my internship as a Jr. Associate producer for Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show in Ubisoft Barcelona. This was my first published title, and it was so exciting going to work every day because this was all new to me, and I was having so much fun while working in this awesome company formed of really talented people.

Currently I am pursuing my Masters in Entertainment Technology in Carnegie Mellon University – Entertainment Technology Center (US)/ Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (Portugal). This Masters is a merger of my life passions: Technology + Entertainment. With this masters I am developing my project management skills, and learning a lot about sound design in video games/interactive experiences.

Besides my academic life, I play mandola in a portuguese mandolin orchestra, and I like to swim.

Send me an email if you want to keep in touch: marcofilipevieira@gmail.com

Check out my resume:

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