Interactive Music Visualization – MSc Thesis

The main goal of my thesis is to obtain knowledge of how the audience of a live performance experience can be enhanced through music visualization. With music visualization is possible to give a better understanding about the music feelings constructing an intensive atmosphere in the live music performance, which enhances the connection between the live music and the audience through visuals. These visuals have to be related to the live music, furthermore has to quickly respond to live music changes and introduce novelty into the visuals. The mapping between music and visuals is the focus of this project, in order to improve the relationship between the live performance and the spectators. The implementation of music visualization is based on the translation of music into graphic visualizations, therefore at the beginning, the project was based on the existent works. Later on, it was introduced new ways of conveying music into visuals.

Several attempts were made in order to discover the most efficient mapping between music and visualization so people can fully connect with the performance. Throughout this project, those attempts resulted in several music visualizations created for four live music performances, afterwards it was produced an online survey to evaluate those live performances with music visualization.

In the next video you can observe the progress of my work throughout the development of the thesis.

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