This is a team project of the Embodied Interaction course.


The goal of this assignment was to enhance the experience of the puppetry’s performance through sound. In order to creative a narrative context to our implementation, we defined that the puppet (called Marion) would be a fitness trainer. This would allow us to specify sounds for button inputs that would serve as positive and negative motivators for the audience (“You can do it”, “You look fat”, etc.).

In order to take advantage of the fact that we know where the puppet is, we defined different physical locations corresponding to the 3D spaces. The existing locations are: forest, snow, desert, river and gym (sphere). Each location has a video projection that could be used in the actual performance.

The actions detected by the Wiimotes and Kinect, trigger a sound and a visual representation that could be projected in the real world. To make the experience more personal to the audience, certain sounds were followed by the audience member name. Keyboard events also allow the user to change between screens, enabling efficient debugging.

Marion Project

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