Through the Dark

The goal of this virtual world is to make the audience feel the experience of being blind.

The technology used for this interactive experience is the Oculus Rift, one PS Move and Surround Sound. In this experience, the guest is a blind conductor who is in a subway station in New York City, and he wants to meet his friend in order to go to the concert hall and conduct his comeback concert. The guest can only see what the blind conductor imagines in his mind when he hits something with his white cane (the PS Move is used as a cane), and at the end when he arrives the concert hall, the guest conducts the concert using the PS Move as a conducting baton.

I was producer and sound designer in this world, and this was my fourth project for the Building Virtual Worlds course, which the goal of the project was to a make storytelling virtual world. Furthermore, this experience was done in 3 weeks, in a team of 2 programmers, 2 artists, and me (producer/ sound designer).

Here are some videos of the project:


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