In WePlant you guide a water drop by balancing rotating platforms just with your arms extended. The water drop will reach the bottom, that’s for sure. But the question is: “How many seeds will it water?” Depending on the number of tree seeds you can water, this number of real trees will be planted in the mountains of Madeira. The game is fictitious, of course, but the impact is not. The more you play, the more trees can be planted!

This game emerged from a semesterlong project at Madeira Interactive Technologies Instititute. Our client was the airport of Madeira who is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014. He wanted us to create an engaging experience for the passengers who are waiting for their flights departing.

I worked as producer and programmer in this project. I was the only programmer so I decided to use the game engine that I was more familiar with (Unity3D), this is an easy game engine to get fast results. Which is good to do several playtesting for some features.

As a producer I was planning the project, assigning tasks, facilitating meetings, and contacting the client.

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